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Social Skills Groups

Prestige Therapy offers social skills groups using various curriculums including Michelle Garcia Winner's Social Thinking®  methodolgy and Second Step Curriculum for children and young adults ages 5-22 with Aspergers, Autism, ADHD, Anxiety, ODD and other related diagnoses. Your child does not need a formal diagnosis to participate. Basic reading, writing and verbal skills should already be established for school age children and older.

To learn more about  Social Thinking® click here.


Participants will learn strategies in a fun, relaxed environment to develop skills in the following areas:

-Perspective Taking

-Personal Problem Solving

-Emotional Regulation

-Social Communication skills for use in school, home and community


Group sessions meet weekly. Groups consist of 2-7 participants and are 30-60 minutes in length depending on each groups needs. 

For school age children, your child will engage in various activities including role playing/analyzing situations with one another, game playing, simple cooking tasks, Lego building challenges and other fun activities to allow an opportunity to address the skills being taught during that month. 

For teens and young adults, group session focus on both basic social skills such as showing interest in your communicating partner through use of eye contact and body positioning as well as more abstract topics such as how to start a conversation, keep a conversation going, how to switch topics and recognize when a topic has been switched etc. Other areas which may be addressed include hygiene,  what to do on a job interview, college interview, on a date, social media, texting etc.


$150 flat rate for the month or $40 each session regardless of attendance and length of group session time. You may be able to utilize insurance to cover the cost. Your child may attend more than one group session per week if space allows and will receive a 10% discount off the second group session if you pay privately.



Group sizes are limited!

Please call 401-372-7014 today to reserve your child's spot.


*Prestige Therapy requires an evaluation to be completed for those utilizing insurance reimbursement. Should you seek insurance reimbursement for out of network insurance companies, you will be charged a $150 evaluation fee prior to attending the first group session. You will also need to pay all private group costs out of pocket to submit the receipts to the out of network insurance company. Please contact Prestige Therapy today to see if your child has in network coverage for Social Skills groups. 

This program, including its therapists/teachers, are not affiliated with, nor has it been directly reviewed, approved, or endorsed by Michelle Garcia Winner and Think Social Publishing, Inc.


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