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Why Prestige Speech?

With Prestige Speech your child will be provided with individualized attention and a personalized program that will enable your child to learn and generalize skills to their school, home, and other environments.  


Prestige Speech provides speech-language therapy services primarily in our office located in Barrington, RI. Therapy sessions may be available  within your child's home, daycare or school environment within the town of Barrington at no extra cost if scheduling permits.


We provide evaluations and treatment for disorders in the following areas of communication and oral-motor functioning:

-Articulation and Phonology (speech sound production)  

-Oral Motor Strengthening for Speech Clarity and/or Chewing/Swallowing

-Apraxia of Speech

-Receptive Language

-Expressive Language 

Prestige Speech offers informal and formal speech-language therapy evaluations. Individual Speech & Language therapy sessions are offered in 30 minute increments targeting each child's unique needs.   

We also provide one hour fun and informative social skills groups for children ages 4-17 years old. 

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